Date: 2008-06-05 09:01 pm (UTC)
I think you've gotten me drunk too :-) I feel like Kira, wandering around from group to group, thinking random thoughts with utterly throwaway lines, but with one main goal in mind, however much he might be distracted by the events around him-- Escape! I'm dizzy! And you probably intended it to happen! *flails*

The cat-and-dog fight between Kenpachi et al.-- I thought Yoruichi and Soi were going to win, glad to have my expectations defeated! *wink* What I love was the comment much later that Kira was excited by the cat fight and wanted another one! Sign of drunkenness-- slow reaction, so you told us what he felt much, much later! As well as his reaction to all the scary women of the SWA! Also lov the slightly harrowing reminders of Gin's abuse of Kira and Kira's fascination with pain and suffering-- liked that note of sobriety there, with Kira being aware of what he was.

The rest of the auction- no wonder Hitsugaya was upset, he knew this was going to happen to Momo! And no wonder Ukitake was calm and gracious- he didn't have anything to fear! <-- especially loved how this one played out.

Shunsui and Yamamoto was funny in a very disturbing way-- had the same reaction as Kira-- bile rising but weirdly fascinated, especially remembering how close Shunshui was to Yamamoto... *brain shuts down can't think of this anymore*

Love the image of a half-dressed Bya held-- bridal style? Naw I bet he was holding him in one arm-- while Ken downs beer- the contrast! The image is so clear in my mind! Probably the best image in this story.

Mayuri? Right? Ummm... hope so : -)

In short, in some ways a really strange fic-- but the more I think about it, the more it makes sense to me as I get into Kira's mindset :-) so the more I love the set-up!
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