Thank you *blushes* This must have taken ages to respond to, time that could be better spent on our rabbit!

You don't have to be kind... but if you must *smiles* Yes *wink* Ken x Bya is definitely my favourite scene in this ♥ But ... please ... for your own sanity ... please stop thinking of Shunsui and Yamamoto :P

This is my attempt at humour, I think it fails in places and I *cough* definitely put too much of myself into Kira, but (damn it) it needed to be written.

Inebriation is a strange place, with delayed reactions and skewed and muddled thinking/perceptions so I'm glad you appreciate that. Only a fortnight ago I was *ahem* snogging a tree ... bad choice of partner ... I can tell you!

I couldn't let them win! KenxBya sickness wouldn't let me
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