Date: 2008-06-11 04:21 pm (UTC)
Yeah Grimmjow is like that, but I don't need to tell you. XD

Yep, complete and utter pervert that's me. :D

Sadly the only movie on your list I recognize it Conan. I still love that cheesy movie. It was one of my favorites to watch with my Dad. My mom hated it and my brother was too little, so for a lot of years it was just me and my Dad watching and loving the complete and utter fail. LOL!

Movie-wise I definitely prefer comedy or if it's drama I tend towards scifi or fantasy.

Flowers in the attic?! I don't think I ever even finished reading that book. It was just so utterly depressing. Oh babe you really are hardcore angst. ;D

*hugs and stuff* :)
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