As do I. It remains one of my favourites ... I esp like the slaughter in the village in the beginning, followed by the infiltration into Thulsa Doom's sect. I love the great stirring music - very exciting. I'm actually watching it right now. I happen to think its one of Schwarzeneggers best films but I know I am alone in this opinion. I much prefer it to all these modern fantasies such as ... LOTR.

You should have made it to the end - believe me. Cathy is just ... wow talk about a strong heroine (kind of inspiring) with her intuition, growth and maturity, and the Grandmother ... the stuff of nightmares. I read it when I was around 13 and the book has stayed with me, as dog eared as it is!

I have quite an eclectic taste in books though, anything from Douglas Adams to classics such as 'Of Mice and Men (gotta love that book in all its greatness). Have you read 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?' Amazing sci fi ... but the film ... I couldn't even get to the end of 'Blade Runner' given just how dismal the supposed adaptation was ... I actually had trouble linking the two. The film does the book a great disservice most notably in tone whilst completly failing, or rather going against the splendid theme of isolation/decayed life by copping out with a bustling metropolis. Whoa ... I'm raving sorry ... these things just piss me off.

The last book I read (though I don't read as much now that I have been swallowed by the collective that is LJ) is Richard Pryor's autobiography. One of the few books that I actually made me cry was and still is 'Searching for David's Heart' by Cherie Bennett. I read that when I was around 12 and I still have the book now - the prose is so ridiculously simple but the end always forces a sob out of me. Anyway I'll stop babbling. Go finish 'Flowers In the Attic' NOW XD
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