Date: 2008-08-11 08:42 pm (UTC)
OMG ... I am speechless with pleasure. This is THE most ORIGINAL, not to mention adorably CUTE, RenBya I've ever read!!

First of all, I love that he's a CAT! I have two cats, so of course I am cat crazy ^^ But I can't imagine Byakuya being anything else! He's so inherently cute in his human form (think how often he gets chibi'd and made fun of in fanart, teehee) that the cuteness factor just skyrockets when he's in his adorable kitty form! I love that the "kittyness" is starting to rub off on him, and that he even brought Renji a little present! d'awwwww :)

I also love how you constantly switch perspectives, from one to the other, and oh, I adore how Byakuya is seeing a "new" side of Renji, even though it's becoming clear to us (if not him) that Renji has always been like this (this kind, this diligent at his work), only Byakuya simply hasn't noticed it before this.

Gawd, I was so disappointed to see this wasn't a one shot! Because I'm just DYING to rest the rest!! I wait with baited breath... XDDD
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