Date: 2008-08-12 06:38 am (UTC)
Hysterical, Fluffy, Romantic Crack!!! OMFG! It's awesome. With the exception of the playful kitty side, Byakuya's attitude is just like a cat. What a brilliant concept and so wonderfully executed.

I totally adored all of Byakuya's snide comments and observations about Renji and the other inhabitants of soul society.

Renji is such a wonderfully conscientious and kindhearted soul. I love that even though Byakuya sees him every day, he never manages to see this part of him until now.

Yachiru's cameo was hilarious and you made Kira puke which sadly I also thought was hilarious. But you made Shuu such a dick. *pouts* LOL!! Just kidding. I did love though that not only was Yamamoto a dick but he also got what he deserved. Makes me wonder if Byakuya has wanted to kick that bastards ass for a while. XD

If you can keep up this level of insight, interest and all around fabulousness of story telling, I would personally love to see it be a continuing series. Of course ultimately I'd want to see the spell wear off around the same time Byakuya starts sleeping in Renji's bed, but I'm just a pervert that way. :P

Seriously I am so freaking impressed with the ingenuity and execution of this story. I love, too, how even though your love is for Byakuya you've pulled Renji completely into the story line and made him just as real.

Truly lovely work. *hugs*
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