Date: 2008-08-14 06:09 am (UTC)
Adorable. I had stumbled over this story already on and liked it already then. This is a very refreshing story. With nice and interesting insights into both men without becoming too sappy. I absolutely LOVE that Byakuyas's thoughts are mxied with cat-instinct and he starts to lick himself amidst a train of thought. That is exactly how I would expect a cat to feel/think. Very well done.

I think it is very plausible that Renji would take to the little cat and take him. He just looks like that and besides he used to a "stray" himself. It's quite funny and yet tragic that every time Bya-kat wants to communicate something Renji's attention is focused on something else.

But I am quite convinced that Byakuya needs this humbling experience. If only to learn what he did on a drunken night or that his vice-captain likes him enough to masturbate to his image. ;)

Hope for many more chapters to come. All around lovely read. :)
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