I agree. Improvements needed to be made, and I'm happy with the changes, and I'm glad you are too.

Juggling the different parts of Byakuya wasn't as hard as I thought it'd be, prob. because he seems (deliciously) divided anyway -- to me at least.

I'm glad you liked the towel part as that was actually the only issue I had with this chapter, I wasn't sure if it came across ok, or interrupted pacing and just ... I don't know, but I didn't feel positive about it. Relieved now.

As to Renji, I felt that he needed to be fleshed out more (to give the story more depth and I owe it to him really :D) so I am trying to get inside his head (or any part of his body really -- I'm not fussed :P).

I'm trying to respond intelligently but I can't stop recalling your 'balls comment' which is making coherency hard.

Thanks for all the lovely things you had to say.
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