Date: 2008-03-02 08:14 am (UTC)
Oh poor poor Kira, Shunsui didn't even believe he was a man. Oh that's got to be beyond disconcerting. I mean beer goggles is one thing, but gender switching is just mortifying.

With Gin's love of manipulation, I can totally see him pulling something this mean on Kira. I was kind of rooting for the boy there and cheered when he found the window. Too bad the bastard caught him before he could escape.

It's really a horribly depressing way to view a party too. I've never been a big party goer, but then I always refused to go unless someone I was really close to went with me. I think it's because unless I'm really comfortable with someone I'm not very social. Even at my age I still hate parties and the small talk associated with them. So, i guess in a way i can totally sympathize with Kira's plight here.
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