The three of them looked to a protesting Iba who was being herded across the room by a furious Rukia, a hand held to his ear.  Renji was immediately up from the sofa as he pursued them through the now heaving throng.  This left Kira alone with Shuuhei.  

“Did Gin...?” Oh forget this he thought as he stood up and moved away from the man.  Hopefully he’d drink his memory away and hopefully Shuuhei would too. 

Kira skirted a few people and approached the drinks table.  He positively needed the alcohol now.   He leaned up against the table two cups of sake later.  The table legs and the area underneath looked terribly inviting.  He could curl up here and wait until morning.  He could but he wouldn’t.  He had tried it before with disastrous consequences. 

Instead he moved further into the din in the hopes of finding a friendly face.  He spotted Byakuya and was in the process of hailing the man when the pink head of an unwanted hellion appeared above his shoulder and waved at him.   Kira quickly swerved and was consumed by more blessedly unknown faces.   This was fast turning into a nightmare. 

He stumbled into a wide area with relatively few people and had the misfortune to trip over a discarded cup.  This was immediately preceded by softness, coupled with hardness as his knees connected violently with the floor and his face connected with a geisha’s bosom.  This wasn’t so bad he reflected as the woman giggled at his intrusion. 

The hand on the collar of his kimono as he was none too gently dragged from the exotic woman was bad.  Kira stared up into the expressive face of Shunsui.  The expression awaiting him, however, was none too pleasant.

“What do you think doing?” he drawled.

“I tripped,” he said honestly. 

“Tripped?  Just happened to?”

Kira tried to stand but the hand remained at his collar. 

“Ask them,” he said desperately as he pointed to the painted women.  But they just giggled madly in response. 

Shunsui dragged Kira closer to him and then with his free hand he titled his head up by the chin.  Kira stared into his eyes and was beyond mortified as those wide lips of his pressed down upon his.  He struggled uselessly against the grip upon him as the kiss deepened.   

At last the grip was loosened only for him to be dragged up against the man’s hairy chest. 

Shunsui kissed the top of his head and Kira tried to form a sentence.  

“It’s Kira right?  I didn’t recognise first.  You Gin’s.  He said you were coy.”  The grip on him slackening a moment.

“Shunsui, Captain.  You’re drunk,” which didn’t help given his own inebriation but he would try regardless.  He racked his slowed mind.  He came in with the geisha’s.  He liked women.  Go with that!

“I’m a man,” he said and immediately realised how ridiculous that sounded.  He didn’t even need the backing of the full on laughter of the geisha’s to confirm that.

“Sure you are,” Shunsui confirmed with ease, “ can be whatever you want to be, Blondie.”

“No.  You don’t-”

Shunsui released his grip and Kira was allowed to stand once more. 

“You know where I am if you want to meet me later sweetie.”  A wink.  “We can even pretend you a man if that does it for you.”

A slap on his behind was all the propulsion he needed, as with cheeks flaming he practically ran from Shunsui and the realities of being mistaken for a woman.  He did not need to hear that.  Not after last time.  It was time to be leaving, he decided.  It was time to sneak out. 

But just where was the exit? 

He felt like crying but then that was hardly manly, so he stifled those tears as he stumbled about. His one visible eye searching for his nirvana.  A door, any door would do. 

A door! He pushed himself through it only to meet with Yoruichi undressing Byakuya.  Oh dear.  Oh fuck he thought as he backed out as quickly as he could.  Not quickly enough to see that she has was dominating the encounter.  Byakuya wrists were held high above his head as she assaulted his chest with kisses. 

He had let in a draught that alerted the woman to his presence.  Her eyes met his and she growled threateningly.  Byakuya was too tuned in to the pleasure to notice him.   Thank the heavens as he stumbled away, the door swinging back into place far too slowly for his liking. 

He needed some air.  He was hyperventilating.  He could feel it.  Too many encounters, too many scary truths heaped upon his fragile sensibilities.  A window maybe?  Indecorous it may be but surely it would not lead to any more fornication.

Too many people.  Too many bodies piling up around him.  The music beating in time to his panicked heart.  Too much noise and form.  Too much.  He was going to fall.  Stop.  Take deep breaths.  Collect one self. 

Kira now stood erect and immobile amidst the throng as he concentrated on the little considered action of breathing.  Breathe.  Breathe.  Breathe.  Breathe. 

He didn’t know how long he chanted, but the action was calming and soon he felt his heart stop its protesting and settle into its usual pattern.  Now he could leave with a somewhat clearer head.    

He stalked through the crowds.  Was that Rukia kissing Renji as Iba cowered by her feet?  No time to investigate.  Focus.  Try to move in as straight a line as possible and you will hit wall, door or window.  Preferably window.  Come on now, move those drink deadened feet.  Stop swaying.  Is that added darkness up a head a wall? A blessed wall from which to skirt. 

It is it is! With a small smile of victory Kira took those last steps to the immobile surface that was one step closer to saving him from what was fast becoming an orgy. 

He hit it.  At last he hit wall and he felt a small measure of relief filter into him. He stretched out his arms to either side of him to embrace the strength.  This was the limit to the nightmare.  Beyond this barrier was his escape from this madness.  For who else had Gin played into thinking him interested?  Who else!?

He followed the wall, careful never to break contact with the comforting solid surface at his back. 

He had not taken many steps when the surface was broken by the glass of a window.  Success.  Giddy with excitement his hands moved to the latch.  It was not locked.  It was not locked!  Kira opened his escape window, the fresh air doing much to clear his head as he braced one leg over the side.  Nearly there.  Half in and half out.  The next second would be decisive and would decide his future.  One last leg over that small obstacle and then freedom. 

A thin pale hand latched onto his shoulder and had the qualities of a vacuum as Kira felt his hope and exhilaration sucked up into the hand of his Captain.  He was dragged from the window.

“My my Izuru.  Leaving so soon?  Not on my watch.  Come I have someone for you to meet.”

He was directed forward with hands latched onto both his shoulders as Gin led him back into the abyss and Kira let him. 


Chapter III

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Like is good! Thanks for saying it flowed. It's nice to be informed of what areas my writing is exceeding in - God that sounds so smug doesn't it?

Ah well. Glad you liked it.

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Not at all, and if it was, it only reminded me of smug!aizen *gigglefit* If I were posting then I would want to know the good along side the bad, so Iwasn't depressed.

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Yep Yoruichi was def having her wicked way with him! LOL.

Glad you like it. I'm chuffed it's humorous. Thanks for commenting.

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There's more, I hope? Will be reading the next instalment when it comes out!

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If anyone can dominate a man it's Yoruichi!

Erm...have you read the first chapter? *scratches head* I cannot keep track of these things but it'll explain Kira's anguish a little more clearly because *whisper* Kira is actually straight in this story...

Well he is very pretty for a man and drunken eyes aren't too accurate. LOL

I will try for more. Thanks for the comment!

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Oh. *face palm* Yeah I kinda did but then a couple of lines came to me yesterday and I just started typing. Voila!

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